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OUR MISSION is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization working on three core issues: Global Competitiveness, National Security and Energy Advancement. We seek to engage policymakers who are ideologically aligned with our organization with the goal of advising them on strategies to further develop new policies and communicate them to young people.

VISION promotes policies that ensure that the equality of opportunity, an essential part of our national identity, is not only preserved, but strengthened. We aim to do this through creative partnerships with policy experts, thought leaders from industry and academia, and policymakers. focuses on three core issues of Global Competitiveness, National Security, and Energy Advancement. We have partnered with NGOs, think tanks, and political organizations to promote innovative policy solutions for the next generation.

Policy entrepreneurship is a core component of our strategy. Taking great ideas and translating them into action is another essential step. By integrating both facets of policy design and advocacy into our strategy, we intend to be the leading voice for pragmatic, center-right, young professionals.

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